Female witness speaks out about 2002-2004 crimes of Guy Philippe & his henchmen

By: Jafrikayiti Jean Elissaint Saint-Vil

 In this interview (in Haitian Creole), a native daughter of Lascahobas, Haiti, courageously describes several crimes committed by Guy Philippe and his paramilitary henchmen against unarmed Haitian women, men and children between 2002 and 2004.

 Philippe went on a rampage, armed, trained and protected by the CIA and the government of neighbouring Dominican Republic, on a mission to overthrow Haiti’s legitimate democratically-elected goverment, led by President Jean-Bertrand Aristide.

No one has ever faced trial for the crimes described by this witness.

Neither Philippe, nor his powerful criminal sponsors within Haiti, the U.S., Canada or Europe.
For more see Jeb Sprague’s excellent book “Paramilitarism: The assault on democracy in Haiti”