Michael Deibert , Haiti , and Right Wing Journalism

We here at the HaitiAnalysis kolektif feel it is important to remind our brothers and sisters of the manipulative media reports that have targeted Haiti over the years. One of the most dishonest corporate media journalists to write on Haiti has been former Reuters correspondent Michael Deibert. [1]
Whitewashing the Bush regime orchestrated 2004 coup d’état in Haiti and the preceding U.S. backed-destabilization campaign, Michael Deibert’s writings often have functioned to demonize grassroots movements in the country while passing over the crimes of U.S. (and local rightwing) backed groups. In the wake of the coup, Deibert, in his reporting, ignored the mass state violence unleashed on poor communities in Port-au-Prince. The coup d’état and its aftermath resulted in many thousands of deaths and a long period of repression under the unelected Latortue dictatorship. The years that followed resulted in large-scale voter suppression, a major decline in voter participation, and the re-emergence of the nation’s rightwing as a political force in the country.
Below are links to a number of articles criticizing his work over the years. Also included below is a criticism of Michael Deibert’s 2005 book by the late Haitian pro-democracy activist Patrick Elie.

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[1] Michael Deibert also served formerly as a writer for IPS (Inter Press Service), but was removed from the IPS team covering Haiti in late 2009 after he launched verbal tirades on the internet insulting the English language skills of Haitian grassroots author and photographer  (and IPS contributor) Wadner Pierre.