Sentinel: Police find car of missing Martelly Narco-Businessman Associate Daniel Evinx

GONAIVES, Haiti ( – The whereabouts of businessman Daniel Evinx has been unknown since January 5. The vehicle of the close friend of President Michel Martelly, who was arrested in late 2013 for being in the possession of two dozen kilos of marijuana, was found at a gas station in Gonaïves over the weekend where he was last seen weeks ago.
Police Spokesman, Inspector Garry Desrosiers, in briefing the press said Daniel had left his vehicle at a gas station in Gonaives, Artibonite and had taken a motorcycle taxi to another destination but hadn’t been seen since.
Evinx Daniel was a resident of Les Cayes and participated in the organizing of the first National Carnival outside of Port-au-Prince in 2012. This year the Martelly administration announced the Carnival would be in Gonaives.

Daniel, a 2010 Digicel Entrepenuer of the Year finalist, made news in September 2013 when he was arrested for retrieving 23 kilos of marijuana while aboard his yacht off the southern coast of Haiti, Les Cayes.
Daniel was released 24 hours later without ever facing charges and the Government Commissioner who arrested Daniel was relieved from his position. A series of events that brought to question the close relationship Daniel has with the President of the Republic.
During the United Nations General Assembly in November, that President Michel Martelly did not attend, missing for a few days it was discovered that the Head of State spent nights at the home of Daniel, who is also a hotelier.

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