Haitian Judiciary denies Duvalier’s Crime Against Humanity

By: Wadner Pierre – HaitiAnalysis
     The former Haitian President for life Jean-Claude Duvalier named “Baby’s DOC” is to be tried not for the crime against humanity but for
alleged financial crime. Human rights groups have criticized the decision and
described it as unfair and politically motivated.


are several  members of Martelly’s administration have  closely tied to
Duvalier regime. The former dictator’s son Nicolas Duvalier is working
in the president’s Cabinet.

Duvalier at age of  19 took over the
power following the death of his father Francois Duvalier named as “Papa
Doc.” As his dad he proclaimed himself as the “president for life.”

The U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay
was disappointed after learning about  the decision. Pillay asked the
Haitian  officials to guarantee that  the former dictator  is prosecuted
for international crimes.

In a news briefing at  UNHCHR office 
in Geneva Rupert Colville Geneva a spokesman for the office said ,”Very
serious human rights violations including torture, rape and
extrajudicial killings have been extensively documented by Haitian and
international human rights organizations to have occurred in Haiti
during the regime of Duvalier.”